About Me

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Over my near 20 years as a publicist, I found myself questioning my happiness and satisfaction.  When I took a good look inwards, I felt I didn't really know myself or what truly made ME happy.  I knew I had work to do and something drew me to exploring psychotherapy.  

So, while still running my PR company, I went back to school to train to be a psychotherapist and started seeing a therapist myself.

Seven years later, I can confidently say, psychotherapy has become my most important relationship to-date. I know it is possible to change, to feel better and to feel understood.  

I want to help others accomplish what I have - making sense of my current feelings, understanding the impact of my history and the impact I have on others, feeling more at-home in my core self, and knowing that the therapist-client relationship weathers all life events - big and small.  It can be powerful, supportive and profound.  

I am a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.  I completed my training at Ontario Psychotherapy and Counselling and have completed further training from University of Guelph's Couple and Family Therapy and Sex Therapy programs.