Located in Toronto, Ontario, I specialize in relationship, self-esteem, anxiety, sex, body image and family dynamic challenges. 

My approach is psychodynamic psychotherapy.  This means, we primarily use talk therapy to understand your current feelings, issues and challenges.  We look at your unconscious drives through dreams and fantasies; and we explore early experiences.  All of these elements help us heal old or repressed emotional wounds. 

The goal is to create new, positive interpersonal experiences and relationships so the client can become happy, healthy and confident.

Areas of expertise


Sex Therapy

Therapy looks at sexual addictions, dysfunctions, infidelity, pain, harmful sexual urges and lack of sexual desire/low sex drive.  Combined with psychodynamic methods, we gain a deeper understanding  of presented sexual issues.


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

 This is a long-term relationship focused on working with present issues, dreams, fantasies and traumas.  The therapeutic environment allows clients to explore the roots of these feelings with a goal to increase self-esteem, to understand the self and to strengthen the ability to have happy and healthy relationships.

We focus on understanding and putting words to suppressed emotions and negative feelings.  The result is improved interpersonal experiences, relationships and ongoing triggers or behaviours.  Psychodynamic psychotherapy creates space for clients to understand and conquer challenges in their daily lives; and also looking at early childhood experiences and the unconscious as foundational sources of information.


Couples and Relationship Therapy

 Therapy length is determined naturally by the couple.  This is an opportunity for both individuals in the relationship to feel heard in a safe space and to build both listening and communication skills.  I use a combination of John Gottman's approach and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  Together, we work to flip the negative habits into positive or at least into works in progress.


The client is the relationship.  If separation or abuse are involved, this type of therapy will not be helpful.